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Merry Christmas!

ImageAccording to a recent poll, the majority of Americans would rather wish others a “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.”  The poll also reveals that one’s view of the matter is generally tied to political leanings, the cable network watched, and age.  The poll revealed the following:

* 67% of U.S. residents prefer “Merry Christmas” while 18 % prefer “Happy Holidays”; 15% are indifferent

* Both Republicans (82%) & Democrats (55%) prefer “Merry Christmas”

* 70% of Americans under 30 prefer “Merry Christmas,” while 30% state they prefer a more neutral greeting

* 71% of Americans over 45 prefer “Merry Christmas”Fox News viewers are more concerned about retaining religion during the holidays than MSNBC & “Daily Show” viewers

* 40% of Republicans believe that politicians are trying to remove “Christ” from Christmas, while just 16% of Democrats do

* 27% of African-Americans &11% of Hispanics agree that the “War on Christmas” is real

* Over all, 74% of Americans believe schools should have Christmas pageants & displays rather than non-religious holiday even
Two in three Americans strongly agree towns should be able to put up manger scenes even if it offends some residents

When it comes to Christmas, Americans do largely agree on one thing: 89% percent say Christmas is the U.S. today is more about presents and consumerism than religion. Only 8% disagree.  Nonetheless, I would like to wish all True Blue readers a very Merry Christmas!

SOURCE: “‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’?  Poll shows American prefer the former”


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